Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKG Operates Delayed Domestic and Osaka Kansai Services.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 189, Jetstar VH-VKG, operated this morning’s delayed JQ25 Melbourne – Cairns sector late this afternoon then this morning’s delayed JQ15 Cairns – Osaka Kansai service. As a result tonight’s return JQ16 Osaka Kansai – Cairns will operate as a day flight JQ16D tomorrow.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKH Honolulu Rescue Mission.

Following the Boeing 787-8 technical issue at Honolulu yesterday, Boeing 787-8 l/n 200, Jetstar VH-VKH, positioned Melbourne – Honolulu as JQ8991 this afternoon in order to operate yesterday’s delayed JQ2 Honolulu – Melbourne as JQ7002.

Air New Zealand B787-9 ZK-NZH NZ52 Auckland Return.

Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 ZK-NZH operating NZ52 Auckland – Nadi was around half way into the flight this morning when it turned back to Auckland. After around 90 minutes on the ground the aircraft departed for Nadi again using callsign NZ52D. The reason for the diversion is not yet clear.

Jetstar B787-9 VH-VKJ Honolulu Technical Issue.

Jetstar Boeing 787-9 VH-VKJ operated JQ1 Melbourne – Honolulu today, however the return JQ2 has been delayed overnight due to an engine issue which is believed to have been caused by a bird strike on departure from Melbourne.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKA Positioning Flight.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 123, Jetstar VH-VKA, positioned Coolangatta – Melbourne as JQ8991 this morning after arriving as JQ12 from Tokyo Narita. The aircraft then operated JQ43 Melbourne – Denpasar.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKL Positioning Flight.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 344, Jetstar VH-VKL, positioned Melbourne – Coolangatta as JQ8994 this morning after arriving as JQ8 from Singapore. The aircraft then operated JQ11 Coolangatta – Tokyo Narita.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKD JQ17 Brisbane Diversion.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 142, Jetstar VH-VKD, operating JQ17 Melbourne – Phuket diverted via Brisbane for fuel in a planned operation this afternoon due to temporary fuel shortages at Melbourne.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKJ JQ7 Sydney Diversion.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 278, Jetstar VH-VKJ, operating JQ7 Melbourne – Singapore operated via Sydney this afternoon in a planned operation due to temporary fuel shortages at Melbourne. The Melbourne – Sydney sector used callsign JQ7Z with the Sydney – Singapore sector operating as JQ7.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKG JQ43 Sydney Diversion.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 189, Jetstar VH-VKG, operating JQ43 Melbourne – Denpasar routed via Sydney early this afternoon in a planned operation due to a temporary fuel shortage at Melbourne.

Air New Zealand B787-9 ZK-NZI Overnight Tokyo Delay.

Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 ZK-NZI operated NZ99 Auckland – Tokyo Narita this morning, however the return NZ90 has been delayed overnight. It is not clear whether this is due to a technical or a crew issue.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BDC QR956 Chennai Diversion.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 420, Qatar Airways A7-BDC, operating QR956 Doha – Jakarta diverted to Chennai this morning. The aircraft continued Chennai – Jakarta as QR956D shortly thereafter. The diversion appears to have been medical.

Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCR Jakarta Technical Issue.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 A7-BCR arrived into Jakarta last night as QR954 from Doha, however its scheduled return to Doha as QR955 in the early hours of this morning operated with a 21 hour delay tonight as QR955D due to a technical issue.

Jetstar B787-8 VH-VKE Returns from Singapore Maintenance.

Boeing 787-8 l/n 162, Jetstar VH-VKE, which has been under maintenance at Singapore since 31st October, positioned Singapore – Melbourne as JQ8994 early this morning then returned to service operating JQ1 Melbourne – Honolulu.

Virgin Atlantic B787-9 G-VAHH Returns from Los Angeles.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 G-VAHH departed Los Angeles early this evening operating yesterday’s delayed VS24 Los Angeles – London Heathrow as VS24A.

Air New Zealand B787-9 ZK-NZF NZ31 Raratonga Diversion.

Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 ZK-NZF operating NZ31 Buenos Aires – Auckland (depart Buenos Aires 9th November) diverted via Raratonga early this morning. The diversion was due to an aircraft defect causing additional fuel burn.